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Power on Demand

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Case Study: Rock Retreat at the Download Festival

Zeros Power, a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, undertook an ambitious project at the Rock Retreat Glamp site at the Download festival, powering a 1000-person glamping site with its innovative solar-powered battery system.

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The primary goal was to provide a fully sustainable power solution for the entire glamping site, ensuring a zero-carbon footprint without compromising on the quality of amenities offered to the festival-goers.


Solar-Powered Battery System: The company installed an advanced solar-powered battery system designed to meet the high energy demands of the site.

Energy Capacity and Output: The system was capable of delivering an impressive output capacity of 87 kW, sufficient to power the entire site effectively. This is approximately equivalent to 105kVA diesel genset.


The company deployed the system to power various facilities:
Showers and Loos: Reliable power supply for hot water systems and lighting in washroom facilities.
Pamper Hut: Powered beauty and relaxation amenities, maintaining high standards of comfort.
Concessions: Ensured smooth operation of food and beverage stalls with consistent power supply.
Lighting: Powered 1000 meters of festoon lighting, floodlights, and uplighters, creating a vibrant and safe environment.
Offices: Sustained power supply for the operational and administrative offices on-site.

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The Zero Carbon Event Power Company’s successful implementation of a solar-powered battery system at the festival marks a significant achievement in sustainable event management. It demonstrates the viability of renewable energy solutions in meeting high energy demands without compromising environmental integrity. This project paves the way for more eco-friendly events in the future, contributing to a greener planet.

Epilogue: Brewing Sustainability – A Toast to Greener Choices

As a fun comparison, let’s consider what would have happened with a traditional diesel generator. Such a generator would have wasted a staggering 23.0 GJ of heat in the process – that’s enough energy to brew approximately 329,704 cups of tea, enough to keep the entire festival caffeinated and then some! Moreover, by opting for the solar-powered solution, the event avoided releasing 2.6 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. To put that in a whimsical perspective, that’s enough CO2 to inflate about 100,641 party balloons. Imagine the festival grounds filled with that many balloons – it would have been a sight, but certainly not as delightful for the environment. So, while the guests enjoyed their sustainable glamping experience, the environment got its own celebration – free from unnecessary heat waste and a mountain of CO2. Cheers to a greener party! 🌿🎈🍵

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