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Power on Demand

Zero Carbon

Perfect for Events

Clean Energy

Power on Demand

Zero Carbon

Perfect for Events

Clean Energy

Zero carbon power for temporary events

Zeros Power specialise in zero carbon power for temporary events for a similar price to a diesel equivalent.
With a growing demand for environmentally responsible power solutions, we have designed and built a zero carbon power system to meet the requirements for outdoor events industry. Our Pop up power solutions come with the following benefits:

Power supply for outdoor events

Powered Set Up

Power the set up week of your event at a discounted rate! Imagine the efficiency of powering laptops, phones, WiFi and Showers during the set up of your outdoor event! We offer 20% discount on the second week of hire, making it a much cheaper solution than the fuel cost of a diesel generator for the additional week.

Temporary Power solutions

Reduced Noise

Temporary Power solutions usually involve loud generators that run through the night, disturbing campers and traders. Our power supply for outdoor events is a low noise power bank, designed to harmonise with its environment.

Power suppliers for outdoor events

Easy Installation

Our approach is not just about energy; it’s about integrating a seamless and efficient solar system into your event’s infrastructure. Our reliable systems are installed by a specialist team.

Pop Up power suppliers

Save the planet and promote your GREEN party!

Let’s consider the effects of a traditional diesel generator at the average size festival…

– By opting for the solar-powered solution, your event could avoid releasing approximately 2.6 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere!

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